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Friday, April 29, 2005

Alta – Mercedes Lackey

Alta – Mercedes LackeyCategory: Fantasy

This is the second book in the series, after Joust.

Vetch is nearly home. His desert travels are almost over. However he still thinks of himself as Vetch, the Altan serf not Kiron, dragonrider to Avatre. This is what he must learn to be as he arrives back in his homeland and makes his way to join the Altan Jousters.

There Kiron finds a welcome, a new home and willing champions of his new methods of raising and training dragons. As he creates a new dragon wing, composed of young riders who raise their dragons from the egg, he learns more about this city and land that is now his home. He learns about the Altan rulers, the priests and priestesses of the various gods and about the Mages who hold themselves superior to all Altans.

He also learns more about the reasons behind the continuing war between Alta and Tia.

Where Joust introduced us to this new world and the lives of the people within it, and set the scene for things to come. This book throws you to the literary lions. Full of new, appealing characters and many complex situations, it grabs you by the imagination and refuses to let go. Not even at the very end of the book as it leaves you begging for the next one.

Why do publishers insist on releasing books in hardback first?

Rating 9/10

The series:
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  • Hardbacks = more profits. Many people just can't wait until the paperback comes out, so they will fork out hardearned cash for the hardback...
    Recently, I've been so skint that I've started going to the local library... :-/

    By Blogger weenie, at 4:22 pm  

  • I was looking all over for you (your book blog site). I had came across once but forget to bookmark. Really enjoy all the books reviews. Looks like I'm stuck on you.

    By Blogger Crazy X-Stitcher Etc, at 1:27 am  

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