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Monday, April 25, 2005

Green Rider – Kristen Britain

Green Rider – Kristen BritainCategory: Fantasy

Expelled from school for the offence of humiliating the son of one of the Dukes of the realm, in a fair fight, Karigan decides that she is going to put her case to her father in person, preferably before the school officials get the chance.

Running away: on the road she meets up with one of the king’s messengers, a Green Rider. Normally an unremarkable occurrence, this meeting is marked by the fact that the rider is dying, pierced by two black arrows in his back. Before he dies he persuades Karigan to complete his mission and ride to the King carrying the messages that must not fall into enemy hands.

Karigan is a naive, headstrong girl and a well-written character. Unlike so many (less believable) novice adventurers she is not ‘instantly competent’. She falls into one bad situation after another, through ignorance and inexperience, and each time she wins through it is in a believable way within the framework of her character and the world she inhabits.

Another thing I like about this book is that it doesn’t have quite the traditional ‘happily-ever-after’ ending that you might expect, but I won’t spoil it by putting any more detail here.

It definitely ends with unresolved issues and there is a second book to follow it, which I shall be looking out for next time I go book shopping.

Rating: 6/10

The series:
Green Rider
First Rider’s Call


  • I've read both "Green Rider" and "First Rider's Call". In fact, I drove myself nuts trying to find the latter. And now I can't wait for her to finish the next one--both because it's a good series and also because it had a lot of unfinished business at the end. I almost threw the book. I liked the book in general but wasn't comepletely satisfied with the ending. I mean who likes hanging from a cliff for a year or til whenever the next one is published. But I'd probably rate it the same you did.

    By Anonymous, at 11:26 pm  

  • I raid both both books....and i just can't wait for the third one!! I would rate this books like you did. I would read these books more than once there so good! I even have friends and family reading it! It's one of the best books i have ever red. And karigan is a lot like me. Seriously. But the series was awsome!!! no, better then awsome!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:15 pm  

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