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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Joust – Mercedes Lackey

Joust – Mercedes LackeyCategory: Fantasy

Vetch is an Altan serf owned by a Tian master. His family once owned the farm he now lives on as a serf. When the Tian army came they took control of the farm and parcelled it out to their own people, along with Vetches family, as Tian law states that no one may own land who does not own a serf who was originally tied to that land. However there are no Tian laws governing the treatment of such serfs.

Vetch has a miserable existence until the day one of Tian’s dragonriders, known as Jousters, lands at the farm in search of sustenance. Seeing the master’s harsh treatment of Vetch he decides to appropriate the boy to become his new dragonboy.

Vetch finds himself thrust into a new life caring for the dragon of Tian’s most well known Jouster. He discovers that even an enemy can be human. He also learns how to raise and care for baby dragons and starts planning to turn the theory into practice to gain a dragon of his own.

Another wonderful story from one of my favourite authors (I’ve mentioned that once or twice haven’t I *grin*) A new world and new characters with all the passion, colour and life that you would expect from this writer.

There are many levels to this tale. There is the sweeping drama and adventure of a struggle against the odds. There is the story of a boy growing up surrounded by his enemies. There is the tale of a man, who fights for his country and yet has no real love for the life he leads. There is layer upon layer woven together so skilfully that you can lose yourself in the narrative without realising that you are also absorbing many lessons on life.

More please.

Rating 8/10

The series:
Sanctuary (Hardback only)

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