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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Lord of the Isles - David Drake

Lord of the Isles - David DrakeCategory: Fantasy

In a world where magic is tidal, with centuries between high tides, the power is reaching a peak once more. The last time this occurred, the conclusion of a battle and the results of magical repercussions saw the land of Yole sink beneath the seas, never to be seen again.

Now refugees from that time are appearing again, ready to continue the fight.

Tenoctris is one such refugee, literally washed ashore at Barca's Hamlet. With her arrival several of the hamlet's inhabitants find themselves caught up in danger and adventure, and dicsover that they are far more than mere peasant stock.

This is a reasonably well written story with good characters, but it's nothing new. It has all the usual elements of a fantasy novel (maybe a few too many) but there's no hook, no sparkle, nothing to make it stand out from all the others.

It was an entertaining read and I will read the rest of the series eventually, I'm just not in any hurry to do so.

Rating 5/10

The series
1. Lord of the Isles
2. Queen of Demons
3. Servant of the Dragon
4. Mistress of the Catacombs
5. Goddess of the Ice Realm
6. Master of the Cauldron


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