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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Somebody to Love – Kate Rothwell

Somebody to Love - Kate RothwellCategory: Romance (Historical)

Araminta is a chef, and a damned good one. Previously employed by Timona’s father (in Somebody Wonderful), she now works for Linder Kane, working towards her dream of owning her own restaurant. Aware that the household has a dubious reputation and is used for gambling parties, she is amazed one day to see Griffin Calverson at one of the parties.

Griffin is equally surprised to see Araminta working for such a shady character. He is there working to discover evidence of Kane’s dealings so as to bring the man down.

Araminta has had a yen for Griffin since she first met him, but because of her heritage and his past attitude towards her, she feels that there is no hope for her with him.

Griffin gradually realises that he is drawn to this darkly beautiful woman, but sees her only as a potential mistress and nothing more.

The sparks between these two characters just fly off the page. The story oozes with drama and intrigue, desire and passion. Griffin and Araminta are two very strong personalities and the clashes between them make for a gripping read. This story sensitively illustrates the social attitudes and mores of the time while never at any point being offensive.

Araminta’s background is explored more fully, after being briefly introduced in Somebody Wonderful.

I really like it when a romance author expands on a secondary character from a previous novel and gives them a story of their own. It provides a comfortable feeling of continuity in a genre more known for standalone novels.

It is not necessary to have read Somebody Wonderful before reading this, but I’d recommend it anyway. One should never pass up a good romance.

Rating 6/10

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Somebody Wonderful
Somebody to Love

Somebody Wonderful - Kate Rothwell


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