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Thursday, February 24, 2005

The High Lord – Trudi Canavan

The High Lord - Trudi CanavanCategory: Fantasy

This is the final book in the Black Magician trilogy after The Magician’s Guild and The Novice.

As Akkarin’s chosen student and hostage, Sonea feels trapped. The other students resent her for the perceived privilege that they feel should rightly have gone to one of them, and she would happily hand over to be free.

Despite the High Lords references to an ancient enemy, this being his reason for studying and practising the black arts, Sonea cannot help but wonder it he is telling the truth or just making excuses for his perversions.

Now there are murders occurring in the city. People found dead with hardly a mark on them, certainly not enough to explain their deaths. However to those in the know they appear to be the work of a Black Magician. Is Akkarin responsible?

A wonderful conclusion to the trilogy. The story pulls you along through each twist and turn. Some things that happen are predictable, others are wholly unexpected and serve to keep you thoroughly engrossed.

Yet again I found myself unable to put this book down, and while, at the end, I had a great sense of satisfaction, of a story concluded, I was also sorry that it had come to an end.

I await with eagerness for the author’s next work, which is due, according to Amazon, in February 2006.

Rating: 8/10

The Black Magician Trilogy:
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The High Lord

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