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Friday, February 04, 2005

Stolen – Kelley Armstrong

Stolen - Kelley ArmstrongCategory: Horror(ish)

This is the follow up to her first book, Bitten. You haven’t read it? Well here’s my review, go and read that first, go on, shoo :)

After the events in Bitten, Elena is now living with the Pack, more accepting of her role than before. When not following her journalistic career she spends time searching for news and other reports of incidents that could be werewolf related. These she investigates to see if they may endanger the Pack by bringing werewolves to the attention of the general public.

When one of these events appears to present a real threat Elena travels to meet the people selling the information. However the people she meets are not what they appeared to be and seem to have an awful lot of knowledge about the Pack and Elena.

In the events that follow Elena finds herself captured and taken to a rather unusual private research installation.

Once again I make the point that although this book is filed under Horror and does indeed contain some gore, its strength is the tension that builds up as the story flows, and in it’s humorous interactions between the characters. The characters themselves are very well written and it is easy to recognise that while they may be supernatural beings or have unusual powers they are still human.

A very enjoyable and powerful second book. One I found myself unwilling to put down at times.

Rating: 6/10

The series:
Dime Store Magic
Industrial Magic
Haunted (due out May 2005)

Bitten - Kelley ArmstrongDime Store Magic - Kelley ArmstrongIndustrial Magic - Kelley ArmstrongHaunted - Kelley Armstrong


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